The executive career path used to be predictable. At least more predictable than it is now. The financial crisis, now six years in the rear view, still haunts many sectors to this day. Because the sting of job uncertainty is still felt, many upper management positions are staying filled longer than they did in decades past. Those a little lower on the totem pole or those who recently completed leadership degrees can no longer expect these offices to vacate any time soon. Even if they did, there’s usually no guarantee that a corporation with recruit from within anyway.

So, many young executives are unsure what the future holds. Fearing to get stuck on the promotion ladder indefinitely, to change companies might be just the remedy. But will the new job be a good fit? In an increasingly uncertain and complex corporate job market, today’s executives are better served relying on the professionals in their search for the perfect position. Firms are poised to pair the best talent with the most fitting positions available.