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3 Ways to Escape the 9 – 5 Routine (and Still Make Great Money)

When you are still at your bachelor or master studies, you dream of getting a well-paid job that will give you an opportunity to show what you have learnt during your education. Also, most of us hope that our work will be appreciated and that our income will enable us to buy all those shiny pearls and belongings that most people work for. And then at one moment you realize that you do not want to live like that. Working from nine to five is for special people, who are determined to fulfill what they have been asked to and that is the purpose of their existence. Some others simply do not fit in and they should look for alternatives like the ones we are going to talk about.

Turning to self-sustainable living

Corporations and companies that offer services insist on the 9-5 work rhythm. When you get back from work, you do not have too much energy for anything else, due to our natural biorhythm. On the other hand, if you get up early in the morning to have some time for yourself, your work productivity will suffer. Such a system wants to exploit you to your last drop of sweat. In order to save your mind and body, you can turn to living in the country. If you have a loan, sell the apartment, return the loan and move. You can grow your garden, nourish flowers, produce your own food and set your own life rhythm. Such a self-sufficient living might not earn you an SUV car or a modern house, but it will save your personality.


Artistic freelancing

This alternative to 9-5 work can actually be combined with the previous one. If you have talent for art, you can improve your financial situation by creating and selling your works online. The Internet has an unparalleled impact on our lives and potential for very interesting business and personal achievements. From creating web content to painting and writing, there are many ways for getting enough money for normal living via freelancing. It is a fantastic opportunity for people of free spirit to find their place under the sun.

Diving into stock business


Thanks to the omnipresence of the Internet, there are also interesting possibilities for earning money via stock trading and using Start Up Aktien tools. If you do not have a lot of money to invest, but would still try to see how buying and selling works, penny stocks trading is a good way to start. The point is that these stocks have the lowest value and they are often shares of unknown companies. However, it is very important to stay focused and aware that there are many speculations in this market. You can earn some money, but never aim at to high gains. If a share is worth $3 and in one day it hits $15, be sure that there is a deceptive speculation going on. However, if you stay disciplined and calm in stock trading, after a while you could end up making thirty thousand dollars or so.

Leaving a dull job to do what you really want is a real thing. Life is too short and the world is full of possibilities. It is up to you to notice them and start living this life your own way.