5 Reasons Why Co-Branded Prepaid Cards Are Becoming the Preferred Choice for Businesses

Co-branded prepaid cards are an effective way of securing a uniquely branded card for your organization, without having to be contractually obligated to the same level of investment that an exclusive membership program would require.

Most organizations also tend to use card brand tokenization alongside their co-branded cards to enhance security measures and protect sensitive cardholder information. Card brand tokenization involves replacing actual card details with a unique token, making it challenging for unauthorized entities to access or misuse the data.

This additional layer of security not only safeguards your organization and its members but also instills confidence in the use of co-branded prepaid cards.


There are a number of reasons why Co-Branded Prepaid Cards are increasingly becoming a preferred choice amongst businesses:

Low Cost

Various prepaid card providers may offer 4th Line Embossing as one of their starter options for interested parties. This entry level prepaid card customization allows businesses to include their logo on the front of the card, in the area located beneath the cardholder’s name. There are even a few card providers that may offer 4th line embossing for all of their prepaid cards. Usually, it has a character limit of up to 21 characters, making it ideal for companies who wish to offer their clients a branded card without an additional required level of investment.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

If the business is looking for a more uniquely branded card solution at a significantly lower cost than a fully-customized private label option, co-branded cards provide the perfect solution. Prepaid cards often have high-quality silver logos printed on their front sides, which is generally done through processes like hot foil printing. In some cases, co-branded cards are also imprinted with custom artwork or text on the backside.

High Limit

Prepaid cards offer clients the freedom to spend as much as they might desire, with certain providers even offering load limits sometimes as high as 50,000 USD. This, bundled with the high daily ATM limit and a daily spend limit – allows your clients exceptional and unmatched spending power.

Shortened Time to Market

Typically, a prepaid card option may take up to three or four months before the cards are completely ready to be issued to the market after issuer approval. Co-branded prepaid cards are unique in the sense that the waiting time is greatly reduced. This makes it much more convenient cost effective for both your clients and your business.

Reconciliation and Card Management

High accuracy must be ensured when dealing with prepaid card payment activity. With reconciliation reports, payout management can be streamlined and include all events that affect the balance of the float account. Load history is highly detailed. Individual card level information can be accessed and provided. With a co-branded prepaid card solution, prepaid card payment reconciliation is a truly efficient and easy process.

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