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What is property development finance?

If you’re seeking flipping or letting opportunities, property development finance could provide you with the freedom you need Undertaking a large building or refurbishment job is no easy feat. It’s a mammoth task which is likely to excite and scare you in equal measure. Of course, any job of such scale requires a huge amount […]


Whether It Is Better To Invest Long or Short

To Invest Or Save? Saving vs. investing – savings means to slowly put money aside into places like banks, whereby investing means to use your money and grow it by investing in products or services that will increase in value. As consumers, we are always told to keep at least three months of living expenses […]


Easy Ways for Beginners to Invest

Investments are incredibly important to safeguard your money for the future. In fact, all financially responsible persons and households should have an emergency savings account, a retirement fund, and investments. Investments generate passive income, protect your wealth, and you don’t need to have a degree in finance to master it. However, as with anything, investing […]


Is Gold Making a Comeback?

There has always been an irresistible allure about gold all over the world. For many years, it was the symbol of wealth and today it remains the ultimate store of value for many savers worldwide, especially at a time of uncertainty among individual currencies. It was only last year when the future of gold looked […]


Planning for the End

Planning your own funeral may seem a little morbid to many of us, but it’s actually one of the most thoughtful things a person can do. Think about it. You’re saving your family a whole lot of stress. While dealing with the emotional trauma of losing a loved one, people then have the added burden […]

Business Investing

Investing in the Middle East: why this sector is growing

Key to successful investment is the ability to predict the future. While this can never be achieved with complete accuracy, the most successful investors take into account a range of factors to remove as much uncertainty as possible and balance the remaining risk against potential reward. One of the most significant factors to consider is […]