Neil Emilfarb’s Lesson on Investing

As the largest single US investor in the country of Montenegro, and as a discoverer of an exotic, secluded place that welcomes thousands of tourists on an annual base, Neil Emilfarb is the model investor that every entrepreneur should look up to.  His lesson on investing in property should inspire every businessman to embrace innovations […]

Blogging Investing

Using Money for the Best Things in Life  

Money is one of those funny things. Lots of people get extremely upset about it. Or disappointed. They feel like they have too much, or not enough, or someone else has more or less, and there is something unfair in the world that won’t balance their financial equation. And then there are the people who […]


What are CFD’s and How Can I Make Money with Them?

CFD’s or contracts for difference are derivative products that are traded very similarly to options and futures for those of you who are familiar with those. The one main difference is that there is no contract dictating the end date of the trade. In other …