Financial Advice Tips

How To Make Money While You Travel

If you’ve got that travel itch, you know how hard it can be to settle down. What keeps most of us travelers at heart at home, is the idea that we have to make money. This is true for everyone in modern day, but especially true if you want to spend life on the road. […]


5 Tips for Streamlining Your Small Business

Nothing seems easier than running a well-organized business. In this case you don’t need to micromanage everything since all the employees have clearly outlined tasks assigned to them. Furthermore, seeing how your expenses are already optimized, making a profit seems much easier. However, while all of this may be true, streamlining your business is not […]


What Can Science Do for Your Productivity?

There are various explanations and guides on how to hack and maximize your productivity, and they usually center on the idea of breaking the process into smaller and attainable goals. Taking breaks, starting a bullet journal, and making your to-do list public so when you cross off an item the sense of pride would be […]


Protection in the Workplace and its Importance

A safe workspace goes beyond what meets the eye; elements such as air temperature and quality are important elements of every healthy work environment. Based on the standards of OSHA, there are certain requirements and specific measures that every business must follow in order to provide a proper environment for workers and customers alike. Including […]


How Should Employers Handle Contract Terminations & Redundancies – Case Study

Terminating a contract or making redundancies are never easy. There is however a correct and proper way to make these difficult decisions. Your employer has a duty to deal with any issues you may have within the company. Leading insolvency firm MGJL have suggested; If you are struggling, extra training and help should be applied.