Financial Advice

It makes financial sense to hire a nanny

Child care can be difficult, and many parents will choose to hire a nanny or an au pair from somewhere like Go Au Pair to help them look after their children. Although initially it may not feel as if it’s going to be a sensible financial decision, when you look at the benefits of taking someone on to look after the children it becomes clear that it’s a win-win situation for both the family and your pocket.


Time to build a business

For anyone who is self-employed, they will know that there’s precious little opportunity to have free time. Your own business is a full on situation and when colleagues who work for corporate giants leave their desks at 5pm, you know you’re going to be working well into the evening. When there’s also the children to pick up from their sporting activities and then a meal to prepare for them, it’s a difficult juggling act.

A nanny will take all the worry away from you needing to be in more than one place at once. Having completed Childcare Courses and gained experience in the field, a nanny can pick up the children, prepare their meals, and keep them entertained while you are away. Knowing that the children are in safe hands, you are then able to concentrate on growing your business and in turn, earn more money to give the family the life you want them to have.

When illness strikes

When the children are unfortunately ill and can’t go to school, parents need to take time off – often at short notice. Some employers are flexible and will allow paid holiday to be used but others won’t offer paid time off. This is particularly the case when all holiday allowance has been used up and so whilst the children are the most important element, there’s the financial worry that the end of the week or month salary will be lower than usual.

If you find a babysitter with sosgarde or any other agency of your choice, you can rest assured that your kids are looked after while you are at work. They will always be there to care for the children and if they are unwell you know you can leave them in capable hands and carry on to your job. They will give you regular updates but it won’t impact on your working day in a negative manner and when you return home you can take over so your nanny can have a well-earned rest.

A nanny is all you need

When your child is young, there’s a long list of stages they work through as they develop and grow; potty training, regular sleep patterns, speech, introduction to different foods, socialising, and how to behave. Whilst it’s every parent’s dream to have the perfect child who will sail through each area of young life, the reality is very different.

Many find they are spending huge amounts of money visiting various specialists to overcome challenges such as being picky over food or behavioural difficulties but a nanny has qualifications and expertise in all these areas. Their consistency of care means that they can gently work through each problem and whilst there is no guarantee you’ll have the perfect child by the age of five, any nanny employed through an agency such as SupaCare will certainly mean you aren’t turning to expensive therapists and parenting gurus.

Start saving money today by looking to hire a nanny. As well as the emotional benefits of knowing you can enjoy your career and that the children are being cared for and that you can spend quality time with them because the house will be tidy and the meals prepared when you come home, you will also feel the benefit in your bank balance when you check your statement at the end of the month.