Financial Advice

No loan payment, no driver’s license?

Paying the loan is one of the least attractive things in life. But even worse is taking the loan. The latter inevitably leads to the former, which can keep making your life miserable for decades. No matter if you have a mortgage or you have borrowed money to go to college, it ties around your neck like a snake and allows you to take only short breaths. What is more, it could lead to losing your driver’s license, as well. So, how to deal with the loan before it ruins your life?

Contact your Creditor

The worst thing to do when you owe money is avoiding contact with the loaner. In case of loans for studying, it could be either federal/state authorities or banks. Whoever your loaner might be, don’t play tricks on them, because when they come to collect your money, you will have no arguments to ask for mercy. If you lose a job or your wages decrease, the momentary reaction of finding a solution with them will bring more benefits than disappearing from the loaner’s radar.


Don’t Let Yourself Get There

Although we all could agree that loan policies and interest rates are not too citizen-friendly, it is a fact that every individual takes a loan fully aware of all the possible consequences. So, if you see that your current job and the income could make you fall behind with your loan installments, change it at once or find an additional source of money, like a half-time job.

Also, today you can attend many online educational courses in many fields, which could help you find a higher-paying job and sort out the loan.

Join Forces with Others

In the USA, there are 22 states that use this leverage to make people return the borrowed money, with two new states that are considering using this tool. In the Canadian state of Victoria, however, students are fighting against this legislation, which they find unfair and forceful. If you are among those who are threatened that their licenses will be taken away or suspended, you should contact people in similar situation and form an association to protect your rights. Today the fastest way of organizing anything similar is through social media.


No Driving – No Earning

The option of taking away your driver’s license is one of the harshest measures to make people pay back what they have taken. It might seem to the authorities that it is their last resort, but the debtors who were already struggling to find their way out of the financial difficulties will now be in a harder position. Teachers, doctors, lawyers who wanted to make their lives better and contribute to their communities will have even fewer ways to earn when their driver’s license is gone. To prevent that from happening, everybody who is 270 days in paying their loan debt should arrange their student loan payments and keep on with their work to continue returning the debt.

Be(a)ware of Similar Penalties

If you think that losing a license is harsh, you have seen nothing yet. The fact that still have your loan following you like a shadow since your college days will make employers give up from hiring you. Also, if you have a loan from a private loaner, even if you get seriously sick, the loan will still stay there, like Grim Reaper. In addition, you could lose not only your driver’s license, but your professional license, as well. So, they can really come after you if you fail to pay for your obligations.

We all have our guaranteed rights. However, they are relevant as long as we do not overdo with exploiting them. When we endanger other people’s rights, they will find a way to get what we have taken. Dodging your loans will only take you deeper into demise, so before it all unfolds, sit down and see what is best both parties.