Saving Money While Saving the Planet

“Save the Planet! Save Mother Earth”! Some people keep saying it, but a lot of people just ignore the message. Let’s just have the bottom line. WHY do we need to do save the planet? BECAUSE WE HAVE NO WHERE ELSE TO GO! Scary, but true! Got a few million pounds hidden somewhere for a space ride? Don’t think so. So, there is one thing left to do: start saving energy so we can start saving the planet.

I’ve put together this article to share some handy tips you can implement around the home that will ensure you not only do your bit to help the environment, but also can save you a few pennies along the way.


1. Don’t be scared of cold water. If the weather is fine, use cold water when washing plates, doing the laundry or even taking a shower. According to experts, warming up tap water is responsible for 21 percent of our heating bills. In short, around £ 140 annually goes down the drain. Using cold water once in a while won’t kill you. In fact, it’s been suggested that taking a cold shower can help you lose fat and avoid hypertension.

2. Teach your family how to save water One way to save water is to recycle it. Do you really need to use clean water to wash the car tyre? Timing is the key here. When your wife is doing the washing, try getting some of the used water with soap and use it to clean the car tyre. That’s it. Clean tyres and helping mother earth by recycling is a perfect combination. In fact, it may be well worth using a water saving calculator to work out how much you’re using, and how much and where you can save in this area. Remember, millions of people need clean water, don’t waste it!


3. Another way to help save energy is by switching to CFL or LED bulbs. Compact Fluorescent light or Light Emitting Diodes can give you £3 to £40 savings on electric expenses. CFL and LED lights won’t give Mother Nature problems because they are recyclable.

4. Thirty four million vehicles roam the roads in the United Kingdom. Just imagining the carbon dioxide would make you want to simply ride a bike. No joke. If we want cleaner and safer air, we need to do something fast. If you don’t know how to ride the bike, then walk. If you REALLY need to use the car, at least try carpooling or car sharing. Think about it: you save the planet from toxic gas; you save gas money; and you have more bonding time with family and friends! A win-win-win situation.

That’s it, four simple ways to save money AND help save the environment. Simplify is the key word. Do you really need five cars? If you think about it, simplifying our life is the best gift we can give to Mother Nature.