The Half Hour Meter?

The Half Hour MeterAre you a small business owner and would like to see your business grow? Would you like to save on your business expenditure while at the same time increasing on your net turnover in profits? Look no further. Consider installing the Half Hourly Meters for your business. They help you in saving on your monthly power bills. Wondering what the Half Hour


Metering for businesses is?


It is an electric metering device whose operation is quite similar to a smart meter. They help in analysing the amount of power that your business consumes in 30 minutes intervals. After analysing the amount of power that your business has consumed, the metering device then automatically sends the results to your supplier. The metering device normally uses a landline phone as a communication channel. The device is quite helpful for your business since the power bills that they produce are usually very accurate. The device is also quite helpful in helping you become more efficient in your energy consumption. It does this by helping you pin-point the exact time of the day when your power consumption normally goes up.


However, the Half Hourly meters are obligated to be installed in small businesses that usually consume over 100 kW. This is usually in 30 minutes intervals. The rule is commonly known as the “Mandatory Half Hourly meter.” However, for the small businesses that normally consume less than 100 kW are not obliged to install the Half Hour Metering for businesses. You can find out a bit more here:


Are you wondering whether there is an installed Half Hourly metering device for your business? You can tell by checking your energy bill. If it has an “S” number, then the meter is installed. If it does not, then the meter is not installed for your business. However, you can still consult a professional in your local area to enable you to know whether the device is installed or not.


Does the Half Hourly Metering Device Make the Pricing to be any Different?


Yes. They do. The power bill pricing using with the Half Hour meters is different from the standard pricing. This is because the Half Hour meters normally provide your electricity provider with your current power consumption that is exact. On the other hand standard pricing is usually based on the projected as well as the estimated amount of power consumption. However, the switching to a new tarrif is rather difficult with the Half Hourly Meters. This is because of the periodic changes of the power bill pricing on the market does not allow for an easier switch to another tarrif.


However, you need to be careful of the suppliers who like taking advantage of their Half Hourly metering customers. You can avoid this by taking a professional advice from a person who understands the competitive rates of the power bills that exist in your market today. If your current provider does not match the current rates, then you can switch to a better service provider.

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