The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® Review

If you haven’t heard, US Airways and American Airlines have merged. This resulting super-airline is the largest in the US, through their combined routes and air fleets. This will give them somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,700 daily flights, 1,500 planes, and over 100k employees. US Airways is pulling out all the stops with their upgraded service and with this US Airways MasterCard, which I will review here.

The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® Short Review

After the merger, the composite airline is leading with the name American. American is a favorite airline for many travelers. The frequently provide the best route map to many destinations all over the world in comfortable accommodations.

The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® comes right out of the gate with a hefty load of free points, when you sign up for this US Airways credit card. If you are a seasoned traveler with experience in American’s other bonus miles programs, you can really amass an enviable hoard of points in no time. These translate into round-trip tickets, domestic and international.

These first points are available with very little effort. Just pay your yearly dues and make a purchase, then BAM: enough points to potentially cover a round-trip domestic flight free and clear. You also won’t have to worry about APR interest for more than a year! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a card that offers APR this low for this long.

The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® Long Review

If everything listed above isn’t enough to convert you, read on frequent traveler. This US Airways MasterCard will put you in the elite club of travelers who are allowed to board their planes first. You won’t have to jostle and jockey for position in the aisles while everyone else is boarding. You’ll be snug in your seat when the non-card-holders board. A definite perk.

Another enormous benefit is steeply discounted ticketing for companion travelers. You can use this a couple of times a year. The discount is so drastic (you could pay less than three figures for a travel buddy’s ticket) that those who travel in packs or pairs cannot afford to overlook this US Airways credit card.

Finally you’ll get free access to the US Airways Club lounge. Ever wonder what goes on back there? Enjoy your layover with free WIFI, food, and even shower and full meal access at some locations. This could transform your travel experience forever.