Tips for Making Money Playing Roulette

I’ve only been playing roulette online since the start of this year, but to maximize my chance of winning, I’ve done loads of research into the game to find out the best ways to play.

While there is no winning formula for a game like roulette or other similar online casino games, there are a couple of ways to make sure you enjoy the game more.

That’s right; it’s not just about getting more money out of the game, but getting more fun out of it as well. To do just that, you can figure out which are the best promotions to use when playing online.

Making money from it adds to the fun, and I’ve put together this article to help you maximize your chance of winning at Roulette. Enjoy…

  1. Stick with the European Version

Choosing which version to play is already the start of the game. For any game out there, the important thing is to play smart. You could start by playing some free uk roulette online games as it might be easier for you as a beginner.

The American version of roulette has the extra ‘00 chips you have to deal with, which puts yet another small but significant stack of odds against you. Recognize the fact that you have a much lower chance of losing with the European version, and go with that instead. I like the UK sites, but even picking which European site to play on requires a little bit of research; I also read a review about roulettes from the UK before I choose one.

  1. Be realistic in your expectations

Do not get into the game expecting to make money off of it. Keep in mind that Roulette, like many other games of the same nature, relies on luck the most. There’s no way you can sway luck apart from bringing some charms with you to the tables (and ask yourself – really?!), but you cannot and should not expect to walk away with bags of cash every time you play.

  1. Stay away from anything that promises otherwise

There is no winning ticket for this game. There is no “trick” you can use in order to get the win, so don’t bother spending either time or money for a system that tries to convince you that it can do so.

There are no wild cards to speak of, and Lady Luck is the only one you should be putting your bets on. At the end of the day, if these systems were so great, they would not be distributed in the first place. You would think these “smart” systems would be kept under wraps by the “smart” creators.

  1. Come for the game, stay for the drinks

Don’t play the game for the money. Of course, there will be money involved, but that is true for any other hobby, like sports. You invest in it for the sheer enjoyment of it, regardless if you win or lose.

This even holds true for some of the more artistic hobbies. For most people who write, for example, do so for the love of it, rather than thinking about whether they can make money off of it or not.

There’s an adrenaline rush whenever you win, so take all of it in while accepting your losses.

  1. Set a budget

Going all out might sound quite romantic when you think about it in your head, but it just sets you up for a bigger failure. This is not being pessimistic- it’s being smart. Draw yourself a hypothetical ceiling of how much you are willing to lose at a time, and have the discipline to stop there. This will not only make sure that you have a bit more money left over for next time, but it will make the game more enjoyable by taking some of the pressure off. Furthermore, you would need to save money for other expenses such as the high-speed internet plan (one like Spectrum internet) that allows you to play the game flawlessly. Alternatively, you may want to upgrade your computer’s hardware. All in all, keeping some of the money aside can be quite helpful in the long run.

  1. Bet small, play longer

The important thing to remember is to get as much entertainment per play as possible. So try to make your bets a little lower, and avoid betting close to what you started with. This way, the game will take much longer and you will have better chances of going home with a win.

Remember: Roulette is more of a marathon than a sprint.