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Tips For Saving Money On House Repairs By Doing It Yourself

When you need home repairs it’s not always a cheap or easy fix. Some things can be major and some things can easily be taken care of on your own. How much repairs cost depends on how much time you have to look around.

First, you need to look at your options. How much will it cost for a contractor? Is there a cheaper contractor? And, of course, is it something you can fix on your own? Here are some tips on what you can fix on your own and what you should leave to those that are trained in such things.

Can You Fix It Yourself

There are some repairs you can do on your own, and some that you really should get a professional for. One of the easiest to do on your own is a paint job. No matter what part of your house you’re painting, you should be able to do this without paying someone else.


Some other somewhat easy repairs that shouldn’t require a repairman include doors that aren’t lining up right, from the front door to the cupboard doors, and leaky faucets. Just make sure you shut the water off before you start messing with it.

In the bathroom you can deal with caulking on your own. Everyone knows that caulk can deteriorate over time. You can also unclog a toilet or drain without the professionals. Have drain cleaner around and a drain snake for easy access.

Things You Shouldn’t Fix On Your Own

There are some home repairs that you just should leave to the professionals as well. If you need a new roof, don’t climb up there and risk your life when there are people that know how to safely do it.

About the leaky faucet above, if you’ve never done anything with a faucet other than turn it on and off, you may want to get help. You could turn a little leak into a large one if you aren’t very mechanically inclined.


Electrical repairs, like roofing, can be dangerous for someone that is inexperienced. Always call in the electrician when you need electrical work done. It’s the smart and safe way to do things. Don’t wait to call them either or you may be risking a house fire!

While in most cases a DIY attitude can help you save both time and money on home repairs, if it is something dangerous, like working on electricity or even gas lines, the cost of your health and life are far more than the cost of a professional. If you think calling a professional would topple your budget, think about instant bridging loans. A small personal loan should be able to cover all maintenance costs with ease without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you are the handy type, it can help to have a few DIY home improvement books laying around the house for easy reference. They also cost less than a repairman. If you are a renter you probably should call your rental office to fix things in your home, just in case.