Unclaimed Lottery Prize Money – What Would You Buy?

If you’ve ever played the lottery, you’ve probably done so with the dream of winning millions and being able to buy the kind of things you’ve always dreamed of owning – and could only own after winning the lottery because of the expense involved!

We all tend to dream of winning the jackpot and buying similar things – big houses, flash cars, luxury holidays, watches, clothes, the list goes on. Many people would pay off their debts, and even those of their family and loved ones; but how many have thought about how they might spend $2 billion?

Yes you read that correctly, $2 billion. The online lottery messenger service Lottosend performed some research into how much prize money remains unclaimed from various draws around the world and it totalled a staggering $2 billion – imagine having that sum of cash sat in a draw somewhere waiting to be collected!

That kind of money could clear the debts of most people in your town or city let alone those of your friends and family, and, as this graphic shows, could even clear the debts of the whole of Botswana!

What might you buy? Any of these take your fancy?

lotto money - lottosend _IFGNS 3_21 april 2015