Why Selling Your Mobile Phone is a Great Idea

Mobile phones are not exactly cheap. In fact, I know that a large chunk of wardrobe can be purchased for the same amount of a single mobile phone- but, they are a necessity.

For younger folks, this is amplified a few times due to the fact that the scholastic environment is the time where one has to develop their inner social butterfly. For males, they may want to develop into alpha social butterflies but regardless, socializing is important. This is not only to help in emotional and psychological growth, however. University, especially, is the perfect time and place to develop important networks for when you step into the adult world.


Even then, you will still have to keep your main communication device on point, because this period is crucial. You will have a wider range of networks to develop, and more options to explore before settling. You will also have to keep your lines open for your boss, your colleagues, and, of course, friends and family.

So, upgrade your phone.

Yes, this will be expensive and yet, it will be an investment. How is it an investment? While new is not necessarily better, in the world of technology, new devices do more functions smoother, faster and more efficiently: smoother gaming, better camera, larger memory, and, most importantly, better communication: steadier network reception, stronger wifi antenna, higher quality video call and so on. So if you are a gaming nerd (pardon the wording), then a new phone that has a great gaming setup on it, will make you a lot happier, plus you can look on websites like Gamespace to help you find some great games to play on your new phone.

I would save up some money, get a part time job and sell my mobile phone to buy a new one. While the first two are self explanatory, the latter is not as common a doing as some might think, and will somewhat offset the price I would have to pay. You could sell it to a friend or at a shop, or better yet, sell it online. There are a lot of websites that make it easy with step by step set up with instructions. Also, you would be helping someone else out by making a good phone available for a price much lower than a brand new model. Besides, recycling of any kind is good for everyone.

At the end of the day, we just have to keep up. It has been said that it’s not what you know, but who you know. Of course, it’s important to develop ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally for the challenges ahead, however, it definitely helps to have a good network to get a leg up.