Finance Bits You NEED

We all need a little help along the way and sometimes a pen and a bit of paper just aren’t good enough. To make things even more confusing, there are SO many products available that claim to help you become a finance superstar.

I’ve had a scout around and picked the most essential ones you need, all with no bias. I’m not going to tell you which bank or broker or advisor to go with for these, everyone is different and has different needs, but these are definitely the ones you should be looking into.

Savings Account

Your current account may be perfect for the everyday but look into high-interest savings accounts to make the most of anything you put aside for a rainy day. Most banks offer extra perks as well if you open up a savings account with them.

Current Account

I think most of us by now have realised the importance of having a current account. It’s near impossible to live your life without one and they can really help with the day-to-day management of money.

Do your research and find the best one for you as every single one has a different policy with different benefits and fees. Don’t get caught up in a sign-up offer and look beyond that into the long term.


INSURE EVERYTHING YOU OWN. Things like car and home insurance are legally required and while it may seem like a big scam when you pay every month for something you ‘never use’, it will pay off when you do need it (hopefully). Get insurance for: your life, your health, your car, your home, your business, your pets, your belongings, your income, your holiday… literally everything you can.


Funerals are expensive. That is just one of the reasons a will is totally necessary. Leaving your life’s possessions and wealth to the right person can help family members or friends to budget for your funeral accordingly. Plus, if you don’t leave your belongings to anyone it becomes a whole messy affair that will end up costing your loved ones dearly.


State pensions suck and can make what should be the best years of your life miserable. Paying in a little bit into a pension every month will help your twilight years go smoothly and without worry.

There are plenty of ways to save for retirement and each method has its own perks and benefits. Do your research or read the blog to find out more.

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