Financial Advice

Your money thoughts will make you lose more money

Money is important if you are thinking about a profession. It helps us eat well, sleep comfortably and live under a roof. When you are willing to join a firm for a job or willing to open a business, the first priority would be how much money you will be able to make in the […]

Real Estate

The golden rules of buying property at auction

There are many reasons why people choose to buy properties at auction rather than going through the traditional housing market process. For one thing, you are likely to be exposed to properties that would otherwise have passed you by. For another, you could even end up snatching up a property for a very tempting price. […]


Leveraging Your Personal Network to Raise Capital

While getting a loan from something like a bank is a great indicator for the potential your business has to succeed, a bank loan isn’t the be all and end all of raising capital for your business or venture. In fact, I would personally go as far as saying that seeking a business loan from […]

Business Financial Advice

Online business loans FAQs

Why choose an online business loan? There are any number of ways you might apply for a business – through a face to face appointment with your bank manager, for example, responding to a flyer, or making an application by post. So why apply for your business loan online?


Whether It Is Better To Invest Long or Short

To Invest Or Save? Saving vs. investing – savings means to slowly put money aside into places like banks, whereby investing means to use your money and grow it by investing in products or services that will increase in value. As consumers, we are always told to keep at least three months of living expenses […]