Whether It Is Better To Invest Long or Short

To Invest Or Save? Saving vs. investing – savings means to slowly put money aside into places like banks, whereby investing means to use your money and grow it by investing in products or services that will increase in value. As consumers, we are always told to keep at least three months of living expenses […]


Is ‘going concern’ the right option for your business?

Today’s business climate is proving a challenge for many industries. In 2018, the number of total company insolvencies has increased by a staggering 13% from 2017. The likes of Carillion and Toys R Us shut their doors for the final time. Many other worldwide brands, such as House of Fraser and New Look, have also […]

Financial Advice

When the Convenience You Pay for Meets Real Value

  When you walk into your local grocer’s, looking for one specific item and you pick that box of cereal off the shelf to go and pay at the counter, do you reckon you’re getting the full $2.30 worth of value out of that large box of cereal? If you walk into a bookstore and […]


Rules For Wearing A Bow Tie

You may be wondering if bow ties are socially acceptable to wear in business situations yet. Or maybe you want to know if you can get away with wearing a bow tie for everyday casual wear.