Turning a Hobby Into a Career

Getting home after a long day at work often results in an hour or two spent on the sofa just doing…well, nothing. The last thing you want to be doing is thinking about more tasks that you have to do like cleaning the house, perhaps doing the washing, preparing tea and getting the kids ready […]


How to Avoid Basic Help Desk Mistakes

Running a help desk can be a tricky business. You need knowledgeable staff that knows what they are doing and will really listen to the customers. You also need a payment processing company that understands this industry. For more information about help desk merchant accounts, visit

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3 Ways to Escape the 9 – 5 Routine (and Still Make Great Money)

When you are still at your bachelor or master studies, you dream of getting a well-paid job that will give you an opportunity to show what you have learnt during your education. Also, most of us hope that our work will be appreciated and that our income will enable us to buy all those shiny […]