Rules For Wearing A Bow Tie

You may be wondering if bow ties are socially acceptable to wear in business situations yet.

Or maybe you want to know if you can get away with wearing a bow tie for everyday casual wear.

In 2007 the hipsters adopted the bow tie and took it to the streets, wearing them with fitted or loose shirts and developing styles and combinations that would soon become a popular fashion statement.

Nowadays there is still some level of uncertainty about the rules of wearing a bow tie but there need not be. Bow ties can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. 

Self-Tie your bow tie

If you tie the bow yourself, you gain a more natural shape and a slight asymmetry that you cannot get from pre-tied bows.

Although it can be difficult to learn at first, once you’ve done it a few times it will become easy to do.

Pre-tied ties may be a preferred choice (and an acceptable one) if they are club ties or require a set of custom ties to look the same throughout a uniform in order for a level of professionality to be achieved.

Get The Correct Bow Shape

You may not know that there are different bow shapes but there are. Shapes of bow tie include the butterfly, The big butterfly, the batwing, the diamond tip, the club round and more.

The most popular and well-known bow tie shape is the butterfly. As it is roughly 2.5 inches in height it is the most adaptable shape and can work well for most occasions.

The batwing is narrow and angular, making it ideal for casual wear.

Get The Right Fabric

You can use different materials to even better tailor your tie to the occasion you are wearing it for.

For example, it’s best not to wear a woollen or linen to a business meeting as they are informal and make you look very casual.

Silk and satin ties will do better in business situations as they are smarter.