Increase Moneymaking Opportunities With Pain Reduction Techniques

Two problems that accompany pain are distraction and reduced range of motion. And though those two problems are bad enough when it comes to everyday life, it’s even worse when they start affecting your job and your ability to effectively make money.

Reduced pain has a direct correlation to increased moneymaking opportunities, so consider the four following techniques to make sure you’re avoiding the pain drain – pay special attention to office ergonomics, work toward distraction-free teaching and administration, increase your positive interactions, and maintain improved focus on problem solving.


It’s All About the Office Ergonomics

If you work in an office, you probably have an office chair. If you have a typical office chair, you probably have back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain. It just goes with the territory unless you know how to eliminate pain. A lot of times, all you have to do is get a better chair and retrain your muscles to sit up straight instead of slouching. And it sounds easy until you try it! To get it done right, you’ll have to take baby steps so that you don’t give up because of how uncomfortable the transition may be. It could be either getting the best office chair for yourself, or physical exercise – you must not give up on your quest to attain a pain-free work life!

Distraction-Free Teaching and Administration

If you’re in pain, you’re distracted, and as a teacher or administrator, you have to keep your mind on your job to do it properly. If you’re in too much pain, you have to take days off as well, which leads to less money from your profession. It’s a simple equation when it comes to many jobs. More pain is equal to less effectiveness, and that can lead to disciplinary action eventually, or even possibly getting fired or replaced by someone who is more active with their overall performance.


Increase Positive Interactions

When you’re in pain, your ability to interact positively with people goes down. If you’re in something like a sales job, this can lead directly to loss of money. If you want to increase your financial culpability, you have to feel good. Even something as simple as taking aspirin can help you out in the short term, so learn about pain relievers in order to find out which one works the best with your body.

Improved Focus on Problem Solving

If you have a job where you have to solve problems to make money, than any kind of pain is going to make you lose focus. If you research task switching, you’ll see some statistics about how moving from one type of thought to another reduces your effectiveness. Pain will make you lose concentration, which means it will take you significantly longer to effectively solve problems, which is money straight down the drain.